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Creating great learners

It all started in the early 1970s, when a group of Randolph County citizens came together to create a place for area children to learn and be cared for while parents worked.

A lot has changed in daycare since the early 70s. Today, daycares are no longer just a place to drop off the kids while mom goes to work. Daycares have transitioned to places of learning.

Community Childcare Learning Center has made that transition and continues on the track to make the center student and learning focused.

The facility currently serves nearly 90 students, ranging from age 2 through 12. Unfortunately, due to the lack of quality childcare facilities in Randolph County, Community often has a waiting list with at least 30 names.

“At Community we firmly believe that all children are born ready to learn. We strive to create an environment that is safe, encouraging, and educationally stimulating for all developmental stages,” shared Community Childcare Learning Center Director Nannette Sago.

Two preschoolers enjoying taking the classroom outside.

Community works with area school districts and Parents As Teachers to help identify students that need special services. Identifying students' needs early in their education career allows for students to grow and learn and not suffer setbacks.

Sago shared that students can need help with speech/language, social, cognitive or physical areas of development.

Not only does Community work to make sure their students have the tools they need, they help families improve their situations.

Like all private sector preschools and learning centers, Community charges for their services. What makes Community unique, for families on a limited income they offer a sliding scale to determine tuition.

Sago shared that last year, a single mother started a part-time and seasonal position. The mother had three children; qualified and used state childcare assistance. She used the state assistance to enroll one of her children into Community Childcare. After the seasonal position came to an end, the mother was offered a full-time position benefits. Because her children all had a safe place to learn, this mother was able to put her family into financially stable place. She was able to not depend on state assistance for childcare, food, and medical.

Alumni's of Community take great pride in continuing the tradition by enrolling their children into Community.

Community Childcare Learning Center continues to strive to create the future bright leaders that Randolph County needs.

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