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Want to join the hand-raisers, game changers, and decision-makers? Join a committee to help build a better community.

Campaign Committee - Main goal setting for the current campaign, theme creation, workplace kickoffs, and sponsorship curation.


Events Committee - Kickoff, Frosty 5K, Purses with a Purpose, Mother-Son Dance, Campaign Celebration, Week of the Young Child, etc. helps with sponsorship and volunteer work.


Publicity Committee - Marketing and helping, in general, get the word out.


Long-Range Planning - Strategic planning. Where is UWRC going and how?


Dual Credit Scholarship - Works with area schools to get the word out about the scholarship. Also goes through a selection process to choose award winners.


Allocations Committee - Works to approve nonprofits and distribute donated funds.


Work Place Committee - Making connections with new businesses and encouraging workplace giving.


Day of Caring Committee - working with area businesses and municipalities to create a day of volunteer work.

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