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Agency Funding Information

​We will not be accepting applications for the 2025 - 2026 funding period until June 2024.  Please check back at that time or contact us for more information.

The United Way of Randolph County has developed a tool to evaluate the quality of grant applications for funding and to support our efforts to focus on community-wide issues to improve access to education, health care, and financial barriers to help individuals to live a better quality of life.


Organizations can receive up to 100 points. The UWRC will determine funding allocations based on the point total. In order to submit a successful application, UWRC is providing organizations with the scoring criteria the allocations committee will use to review grant applications. It is strongly suggested that you answer all the questions according to the scoring criteria outlined.

Applications are due on June 15th. 

If you ask any questions, please contact UWRC at 660-263-6588 or by email

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