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Steps to Maintain Stability

Worried about your tenants and past due rental payments? 

Check out Missouri Emergency Rental Arrears Program is designed for Missouri landlords who are impacted from COVID-19. Check out more information or see the application.

Worried about paying bills?

While some utilities and programs have paused disconnection, it is important to continue to pay what you can toward your rent/mortgage. Resources through nonprofits organizations to help pay bills are very limited. Consider the following steps.

    • If you are a renter, contact your landlord is you will have trouble paying rent by the due date. Ask for an extension or payment arrangement (partial payments, weekly installments, etc.

    • If you are a homeowner, contact your lender if you will have trouble paying your mortgage and discuss your options.

    • Contact your other lenders to inquire about payments that can be delayed without penalty. These may include student loans, car payments, etc. Contact your lender for to discuss your options.

    • Access other resources to help meet needs - food pantries, SNAP benefits (if eligible), etc. so that your money can be used for rent and utilities.

    • Utilize your stimulus payment and unemployment benefits to continue making payments towards your utilities, rent/mortgage.


Worried about your finances?

FDIC's Money Smart Program offers financial education and tools for teens and adults. Check out the program here.

Worried about health insurance?

If your health insurance has been impacted, consider the following steps:

    • Are you eligible for COBRA through your employer?

    • Can you be added to your spouse's plan?

    • Visit to see what is available to you.

    • Still have questions about health insurance? Visit LocalHelp to find a local agent, broker, or assister.

If you need medical attention, please contact the Randolph County Health Department at 660-263-6643.

Looking for work?

Visit the Missouri Jobs Center or call 1-888-728-5627.

Wondering about the Stimulus Impact Payment (Stimulus Check)?

If you have questions about if you qualify for or how to receive your stimulus check (if you have not already), visit the IRS website.

Do you qualify for benefits from the state?

Unemployment or 1-800-320-2519

SNAP (Food Stamps) or 1-855-373-4636

Other needs or more questions?

Contact 2-1-1 at or by dialing 211 on any landline or cell phone. Are difficulties getting through? The direct number is 1-800-427-4626. 211 is open 24/7.

At Home Resources

Little Dixie Regional Libraries

The library system has a huge collection of materials available for download. You can start at: While the library is closed to in-person visits, staff are available by phone. They can assist you with any questions about downloadables.

Food Banks

Christos Center

111 N. 5th St. Moberly 660-263-0278

Dream Center

1614 US E Highway 24, Moberly, 660-263-0488

Timberlake Christian Church

1642 Gratz Brown, Moberly, 660-263-4168

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