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Keeping our seniors healthy

The Senior Americans Multipurpose Center is a hive of activity each week day. Roughly, 25 volunteers converge on the facility each lunch time to organize and package nearly 225 meals.

The bustle of activity happens like clockwork. The well-oiled machine packages meals in what seems like lightening speed. Hot meals are packaged and seal in trays. Trays make their way into transport bags. Utensils are added to a small bag with a milk, and a dessert. Everything gets loaded into a volunteer’s car.

Volunteers do more than just deliver a hot meal. Volunteers don’t just leave the meal and dash to the next client. Volunteers check on each client. Making sure everyone is okay and check if there are any needs.

One long-time volunteer shared how critical those quick visits are to their clients. Sherry* shared that went to deliver a meal to a favorite client. She knocked on the door several times, and didn’t hear an answer. Jane didn’t answer the door, which was completely unusual. Sherry tried the door, and it wasn’t locked. Sherry popped her head in the door, and called out for Jane again. Sherry heard a faint cry. Jane had fallen. Jane ended up having a short stay at a local nursing home, but was able to return home after physical therapy.

Beyond being the hero to Jane, Sherry also helps at SAMC to plan activities.

SAMC facility is open for area seniors to fellowship. The center acts as a meeting place. Lunch is available at the center for those that are able to make the trip. Many residents of The Towers dine at the SAMC.

Those visits from volunteers do more than just deliver a hot meal. Those visits keep our seniors connected to the outside world.

*Names are changed to protect the privacy of the SAMC client.

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